How Wisdom Tooth Extraction Helps with Tooth Pain

tooth painWhen you have tooth pain, it can be hard to think of anything else other than the excruciating discomfort. Your wisdom teeth may be to blame for much of your oral health concerns. Fortunately, these problems can be dealt with as an outpatient procedure by your dentist. In fact, about 5 million of these procedures are performed a year throughout the United States.

While not every person needs to have their wisdom teeth taken out, it’s often the best option for oral health. Your oral surgeon will help you feel better by taking your wisdom teeth out. Here are reasons to have this procedure done.

You Create More Room in Your Mouth

When you have an appointment at a dental clinic to have your wisdom teeth taken out, you do your part to make sure your tooth pain is well taken care of. When your larger adult teeth are taken out, this creates more room in your mouth — eliminating crowding and making your teeth more comfortable in general.

You may not have to have all your wisdom teeth taken out by your oral surgeon, but it may be recommended to have all four of them taken out. When you have your wisdom teeth removed by a professional, your tooth pain may be alleviated.

You Reduce Gum and Tooth Pressure

Your tooth pain can be reduced by getting rid of your wisdom teeth, particularly if you have your wisdom teeth removal done before the teeth have fully erupted. The constant up and down motion of teeth that are slowly erupting can be disruptive to your mouth and cause problems, so you want to have your teeth and gums protected by removing these teeth before they come all the way in.

You Keep Infections at Bay

Your wisdom teeth can cause your teeth to feel sore and become subsequently infected because bacteria can find their way in. Your oral surgeon will do what they can to remove the offending teeth so you can feel better and keep infection at bay. You may have to have antibiotics in addition to having your wisdom teeth removed to fully remove tooth pain and any other annoying pain caused by your dental woes.

To have your wisdom teeth removed, make an appointment with an oral surgeon. Your oral surgeon will be able to give you an exam to see if your teeth should be taken out or if you should wait and see what other things can be done to relieve your oral tooth pain.