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4 Myths About Your Wisdom Teeth, Busted

Every year, many Americans make an appointment with an oral surgeon to have their wisdom teeth removed. Although it’s a normal procedure that doesn’t take long, there are many misconceptions that can keep someone from visiting an oral surgeon when they need to. To help you feel more comfortable making your own wisdom teeth removal […]

9 Tips for a Better Recovery From Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Every year, there are about 10 million wisdom teeth taken out of five million mouths in the United States, according to the American Public Health Association (APHA). There are a variety of reasons dentists recommend their patients undergo the wisdom teeth removal procedure. They include infection, tooth crowding, disease, and cavities. Often the wisdom teeth […]

Three Facts About Jaw Problems and Jaw Surgery

Going to the dentist or oral surgeon may be scary, but could alleviate symptoms suffered by many people. Jaw surgery may be an option to treat some conditions and symptoms that are caused by improper alignment of the jaw, such as a misaligned bite, speech problems, protruding jaw or weak chin, and difficulty breathing. Here […]

Dental Implants: Four Good Reasons to Have Oral Surgery

While you are at your check-up, the dentist informs you that you need a procedure. Whether it is a dental implant procedure, an oral bone graft or a surgical tooth extraction, this is not the news you really wanted to hear.  What do you do next? The first thing you need to do is find […]

Dental Implants: Your Questions Answered

No one wants to feel insecure about their smile or worry about being unable to use their teeth as intended. Unfortunately, that is very much a reality for many people. Thanks to new advancements in the field of dentistry, however, both aesthetics and function can be restored with dental implants. Your oral surgeon can undoubtedly […]

4 Types of Tooth Pain, Explained

Tooth pain can range from uncomfortable to downright dreadful. While some very minor pain is nothing to worry about, most types of mouth pain warrant a trip to the dentist. Some severe types of pain might even need to be treated at an emergency dental clinic. Use this guide to identify which type of pain […]

Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? Here’s What You Need To Know

Every year, 5 million U.S. teenagers and young adults have their wisdom teeth removed. Although tooth extractions like these are common oral procedures, wisdom teeth extraction is still major oral surgery. That said, it’s important that you get the recommended amount of rest after your surgery and that you follow the instructions of your oral […]

TMJ Treatment To Help Relieve Pain

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the name for each joint (right and left) that connects your jaw to your skull. When the joints of the jaw and the chewing muscles do not work together correctly, symptoms like pain or a “clicking” sound occur. Since some types of TMJ problems can lead to more […]